Why (and what) is CloutLegal

In order to break out from the status quo, the Business of Law needs all the support it can get.

Our goal is to discover, collect, and share various pieces of advice, expertise, experience, and knowledge in the Legal Services industry. Our vision - collective knowledge in the Business of Law, and our mission is to make that knowledge easily accessible.

We gladly look upon other high growth sectors (e.g. technology startups), aiming to borrow from their best practices. One of the defining attributes of the startup culture is to “pay it forward”. Startups and entrepreneurs often share their ups and downs, support others, and are happy to mentor their peers. 

We believe the Legal Services industry is at a pivotal point. Professionals and organizations can benefit largely by learning from each other.

Who we are

We are a group of enthusiasts that closely follows the development of the Business of Law for the larger part of the previous decade(s). Our combined background is in the area of legal services (both in-house and within law firms), start-ups, with emphasis on product/service development, project management, leadership, brand development, positioning, and content strategy.

CLOUTLEGAL is a passion project of ours, as we aim to facilitate the change that is taking place across the board.

What is this change everyone speaks of?

The Legal Services market is no longer binary (i.e. law firms vs in-house legal teams). A new category of legal service providers entered the game and are very nimble in pursuing their market share. We, of course, refer to the NewLaw, AKA the Alternative Legal Providers.

The competition for law firms increases, however, the industry as a whole can benefit from synergies between the BigLaw and the NewLaw. Following trends seem to be on the rise as well:

  • Alternative Fee Arrangements are gaining traction vis a vis the Billable Hour;
  • Resource and Service management is paramount in environments where the billable hour is being phased out (aka the Legal Project Management);
  • Inhouse legal teams rely on their own, and even tend to grow over the past few years;
  • Legal innovators find the way to do so sustainably.

Why you are here

If your goal is to propel your career and/or legal services business to the next level, you should certainly tag along and follow our Blog. One of the goals is to discover (hidden) gems, best practices, advice, and experience that will help you breakthrough. 

Of course, it goes without saying - this is a learning experience for us as much as it is for you. Hence, do not take any stories and/or examples illustrated here as any kind of gospel, recommendation, or qualified advice.

The point is to get informed about what worked (and what didn’t) for certain legal service providers in given circumstances. Equipped with that knowledge, you could experiment and attempt to replicate the success on your own. However, due to many factors at play, repetitive results may not be warranted. 

Either way, there is a lot to be learned from observation as well as from trying to develop new concepts. Sure, we sometimes end up breaking stuff, but wiser nonetheless.

What’s in the name?

In order to attain our vision, we strive to get the most influential legal thinkers, doers, and contributors to share their expertise. Hence, the word “CLOUT” came to mind when we brainstormed about this Blog’s domain name. “LEGAL” is to indicate our sector of interest, of course, which ultimately led us to pick CLOUTLEGAL for this project.

How to contact us

Last but not least - if you have a story to tell, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch via editorial(at)cloutlegal(dot)com, and we will be happy to hear you out.

Keep on building,

CloutLegal Team

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