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Authors and Contributors

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André Kageyama

André Kageyama is a Brazilian lawyer passionate about law, technology, learning, and helping lawyers optimize their business of law. 

André serves as one of the judges of the VI Ethics Court of OAB (the Brazilian Bar Association), São Paulo section. He also chairs the OAB’s commission for Startups, Data Privacy, and Innovation for Lawyers (São Paulo section, Lapa district, belonging to the city of São Paulo).

André writes about law practice in Brazil, as well as about the tips from his domain. He is one of the columnists of Aurum's Blog, run by a Brazilian legal tech company Aurum Software.

Daniel Acevedo

Daniel Santiago Acevedo Sanchez is a renowned expert in legal operations. Some of his past roles include Head of the strategy, business transformation, and service delivery quality control in some of the top-tier law firms in Latin America.

Daniel also speaks about the future of law at various themed conferences and writes on related topics. You can find his podcast on LegalTech here.

Heather Suttie

Heather Suttie is an internationally recognized legal marketing and business development consultant. 

She works with law firms, law companies, and lawyers — Global to Solo and BigLaw to NewLaw. 

Heather is helping them all thrive in the evolving legal industry by claiming a distinctive position and sustained competitive advantage, which results in a more significant market share, revenue, and profits.

Ivan Rasic

Ivan Rasic holds the Transnational Trade Law and Finance LLM, a program by Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao, ES), Universiteit van Tilburg (Tilburg, NL), and Goethe Universität (Frankfurt, DE). After his work in law firms and inhouse, he started a legal tech company.

Nowadays, Ivan leads STP Informationstechnologie GmbH's Sofia RnD center with project/development management, culture, strategy, and special project initiatives.

Ivan is an Ambassador at European Legal Tech Association (ELTA). He closely follows and writes on future of law, legal tech, ALSPs, and new ways of delivering legal services.

Jeroen Zweers

Jeroen Zweers is a legal innovator with vast experience in commercial law firms in the Netherlands. As a head of innovation, he helped implement distinct legal tech projects in corporate legal departments, both locally and globally.

Currently, Jeroen is a strategic adviser to law firms, legal departments, ALSPs, and legal tech startups.

He is a founder of Dutch LegalTech, and serves as a Board member within the European Legal Tech Association (ELTA).

John Chisholm

John Chisholm is a renowned consultant that helps law firms evolve beyond the traditional BigLaw model. With over 25 years in leading law firm roles, John has helped and witnessed proactive firms’ transformation into timeless professional service organizations.

As the Director of the Innovim Group, John helps professionals understand and better articulate their value, as well as to price their services accordingly.

John Grant

John Grant helps legal professionals build practices that are scalable, sustainable, and profitable. He does it with the help of the Lean, Lean Startup, JTBD, Design Thinking, and other concepts.

Lawyer by vocation, John has spent nearly a decade in the technology industry before going to law school.

John’s work and know-how are especially valuable to legal professionals and law firms that plan to transition from the billable hour to the alternative (value-based) legal fee models.

John Grimley 

John Grimley is Editor & Publisher of AsiaLawPortal.com and an advisor to law firm management teams around the world on best practices in international business development.

He’s a licensed attorney in the District of Columbia and holds a Juris Doctor from the University of San Diego School of Law. Between 2002 and 2008 he established and directed an EU focused business development initiative of US AmLaw 100 law firm Patton Boggs LLP.

John's views on law firm management issues have been published by The Lawyer, Law360, Bloomberg Law and Beaton Capital.

Jordan Furlong

Jordan Furlong is a leading analyst of the global legal market and forecaster of its future development. He helps lawyers think differently about delivering legal services and empowers law firm leaders to re-engineer their firms’ purpose, strategy, and operations.

Jordan is a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management and Past Chair of the College’s InnovAction Awards.

He is the Strategic Advisor in Residence at Suffolk University Law School in Boston and serves as co-chair of the Board of Directors for its Institute for Law Practice Management and Innovation.

Marko Porobija

Marko Porobija is a managing partner at Porobija & Špoljarić. As an attorney, he specialized in investments, M&A, as well as other legal support to clients in the high-tech sector.

Marko strives to make legal services easily accessible by leveraging technology. He is a passionate promoter of legal tech in Croatia, serving as an Ambassador of European Legal Tech Association (ELTA).

Marko's articles on legal tech and the future of legal services were published in Croatia’s leading business and tech magazines.

Maziar Jamnejad

Maziar Jamnejad serves as an Innovation Manager at Linklaters Italy. When he isn't helping lawyers do splendid work for their clients, he shares his thoughts on legal innovation.

Richard W. Smith

Richard W. Smith coaches and supports senior lawyers. He helps them in developing and implementing business development plans, client acquisition, and retention strategies.

Richard is a member of CLOC; the Buying Legal Counsel; the College of Law’s LP Lab; APMP; and ALTA. He has also been trained in Project Management, Design Thinking, and Pricing legal services.

Roman Koch

Roman Koch is an attorney at law and an in-house counsel in Bridgestone EMIA, previously advising large manufacturing companies, banks, car dealers, and venture capital funds.

He is experienced in international Legal Tech projects, especially in the implementation of contract analysis AI-based software. Roman is focused on optimizing legal advisory and legal operations through digital transformation.

Ron Friedmann

Ron Friedmann is an expert in law practice management, outsourcing, knowledge management, contract management, e-discovery, legal marketing, and technology for lawyers. 

Ron assists law firms improve law practice and legal business management with tech, knowledge management, client understanding, and process improvement. He also enables legal departments to "do more with less", and helps legal providers expand their reach.

Ron frequently writes on the legal industry, large law firm management, law firm operations, service delivery, and more.

Scott Chamberlain

Scott Chamberlain is a Senior Lecturer at Australian National University (ANU) College of Law, where he teaches courses like Legal Entrepreneur, The Future of Legal Practice, and Blockchain & Legal Innovation.

Scott has, driven by his vision of Lex Automagica, received UBRI funding to research Blockchain and DLT's impact on our civilization.

Žiga Perović

Žiga Perović is a legal professional and anti-money laundering specialist, working for Bitstamp - the prominent international crypto exchange. As a fintech and legaltech enthusiast, he is a part of the regional and global communities in these fields.

Žiga runs two local, Slovenia-based chapters of international communities: NewFinance FinTech Meetup and Legal Hackers. He closely follows the development of regulation related to virtual assets, financial and legal innovation.

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