Future Law 2023: what is next for the Business of Law?

Ivan Rasic
May 14, 2023

ELTA co-hosts the Future of Law

The Future Law 2023 conference will bring legal professionals and technology experts together to explore the latest legal tech industry developments. With 12 sessions and 4 workshops over two days, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with industry leaders on a wide range of topics, including the future of the legal profession, legal tech ROI, legal design, digital transformation readiness, new opportunities in the legal industry, digitalization of the justice system, and many more.

The conference features over 24 top speakers, including Kalle Laanet, the Minister of Justice of Estonia, Aku Sorainen, Founder/Senior Partner of Sorainen, and Helena Haapio, Contract Strategist at Lexpert. 

The event will occur on May 26-27, 2023, at Hestia Hotel Europa in Tallinn, Estonia. Early bird tickets have already sold out, but regular one-day and two-day passes are still available.

Speaker lineup and topics

Other notable speakers include Pekka Puolakka, General Partner of Big Bets VC; Astrid Asi, Chairman of Harju County Court; and Tanel Kerikmäe, Professor at TalTech. They will be joined by Sandra Särav, Deputy Secretary General at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Aidas Kavalis, CEO and Co-founder of Amberlo, among many other talented individuals.

These speakers will offer a wide range of perspectives on the future of law, including the impact of artificial intelligence on the legal profession, namely:

  • The Future of the Legal Profession
  • Maximizing the ROI of Legaltech
  • Legal Design and its Importance in the Legal Profession
  • Change Management: Preparing for the Digital Transformation
  • New Professions in the Legal Industry
  • Legal Tech - Creating Better Laws for Better Business Regulations
  • Making an Impact with Legal Tech
  • Digitalization of the Justice System (and many others).

The co-organizers

The upcoming conference is a collaborative effort between three organizations: Tallinn University of Technology's Department of Law, Legid, and the European Legal Tech Association (ELTA). By joining forces, these organizations aim to create an engaging and informative conference that covers a wide range of topics related to legal technology and its impact on the legal profession. Each organization brings its own unique expertise and perspective to the conference, making it a must-attend event for anyone interested in the intersection of law and technology.

About ELTA

The European Legal Tech Association (ELTA) is a non-profit that aims to promote the development and use of technology in the legal industry by facilitating networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among legal tech professionals, entrepreneurs, and legal practitioners across Europe. Through its various initiatives and events, ELTA seeks to foster innovation and enhance the delivery of legal services in the region.

About Legid

Legid is a blockchain-based platform that enables secure and tamper-proof document storage and verification. Their technology uses smart contracts and decentralized storage to provide a trusted solution for storing important documents such as diplomas, certificates, and contracts.

Legid's mission is to provide individuals and organizations with a secure and reliable way to store and manage their most important documents while ensuring data privacy and confidentiality.

About TalTech

Tallinn University of Technology's Department of Law is a renowned institution of legal education and research located in Tallinn, Estonia. The department provides a high-quality curriculum that includes a variety of courses and programs designed to prepare students for careers in law and related fields.

The faculty is made up of experienced academics and practitioners who are committed to providing their students with a comprehensive legal education that is both rigorous and relevant to the current legal landscape. TalTech is known for its research in various areas of law, including European and international law, private law, criminal law, and human rights law.

Ivan Rasic holds the Transnational Trade Law and Finance LLM, a program by Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao, ES), Universiteit van Tilburg (Tilburg, NL), and Goethe Universität (Frankfurt, DE). After his work in law firms and inhouse, he started a legal tech company.

Nowadays, Ivan leads STP Informationstechnologie GmbH's Sofia RnD center with project/development management, culture, strategy, and special project initiatives.

Ivan is an Ambassador at European Legal Tech Association (ELTA). He closely follows and writes on future of law, legal tech, ALSPs, and new ways of delivering legal services.

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